The solution to prevent the spread of viruses

Automatically substitutes staff members when they enter the premises to reduce the risk of spreading viruses and reduce operating costs

  • Maximum protection for staff and customers against the spread of viruses in your premises
  • A system to ensure hygienic measures in your premises
  • Intuitive customer management through simple voice and visual instructions
  • Flexible placement thanks to a 12V power supply requirement
  • Attractive 10″ HD display
  • Highest hygiene standard thanks to an all-stainless-steel design
  • Option to create traffic statistics for marketing purposes
  • Option to personalise and adapt individual visuals to suit the premises
  • The stand does not become an obstacle during emergency evacuation since it is not anchored
  • The attractive design means it can also be used as an information and advertising stand for your customers

COVID pass check

It checks the validity of the COVID pass reliably before its holder enters the premises.

  • digital COVID pass scanning
  • verification of the COVID pass’ validity
  • verification of the test’s validity using a QR code
  • quick entry check
  • COVID pass verification based on the official keys of EU countries
  • automated compliance with current applicable regulations

Intelligent detection of masks on faces

A reliable check to create a safe space and make sure people entering have their upper airways covered

  • Rapid real-time mask detection with “Deep Learning” technology
  • Intuitive navigation with animation
  • Acoustic and visual announcement of the detection result
  • Supplementary face outline display for optimal detection position
  • Also suitable for busy entrances
  • Complies with GDPR (no data storage)

Contactless body temperature measurement

Contactless and precise body temperature measurement to help create safe premises

  • Contactless body temperature measurement via the wrist, with an accuracy of 0.2 °C
  • A reliable, rapid solution
  • Intuitive navigation using animation and a light point
  • Industrial IR sensor with a max. tolerance of 0.02 °C. Certified for medical use
  • Also suitable for busy entrances
  • Acoustic and visual announcement of the detection result
  • A GDPR-safe solution (no data storage)

Contactless hand disinfection

The customer is instructed to use the contactless hand disinfectant applicator at the entrance to the premises

  • Prompt check for hand disinfection with animation and navigation using a beam of light
  • High capacity contactless disinfectant solution dosage
  • Easily adjustable disinfectant dose quantity
  • Acoustic warning if a person enters without disinfecting their hands
  • A carefree solution for the whole day thanks to a 5-litre tank (approx. 5,000 doses)
  • Low cost of consumables by using standardised canisters
  • Disposable gloves provided for allergy sufferers
  • Suitable for all alcohol-based liquid or gel disinfectant solutions
  • Quick disinfectant application interval for busy entrances

Regulation of the number of people in the premises

Checks the real number of people at any moment to ensure compliance with the maximum limits

  • Easy setting of the maximum number of customers permitted in the premises 
  • Setting the maximum number of people ensures social distancing
  • Bidirectional intelligent sensors detect customers passing on both sides of the stand
  • When the premises are full, automated instruction for customers to wait 
  • Acoustic warning in the event of unauthorised entry when the premises are already full
  • Option to easily modify customer numbers via the settings in the menu
  • Function to exclude staff members arriving for shifts

Above-standard services for clients

We provide services for our products that ensure a smooth start-up and problem-free operations

  • Many years of experience in the field of technical services, throughout all of Slovakia
  • Discount price for the supply of disinfectant
  • Delivery, installation and training by specialised technicians is included in the price
  • Prepaid premium package with service within 24 hours, monthly delivery of chemicals and regular maintenance of the device